Only a smart phone or tablet is required Works on all platforms Interaction with the images embedded Unlimited number of videos can be embedded Sound can be embedded Unlimited number of links can be embedded Unlimited number of docs can be embedded Making a direct call Sending email Connection request via LinkedIn Connection request via Facebook Accessing to viewer’s info

What is Smart Business Card ?

There are many ways to attract customers or potential clients to your business. You can launch an ad campaign, create a website, host an event or execute a social media strategy. But one of the most powerful weapons in your marketing arsenal is your business card. Even in this day and age of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media lead generation, there are still advantages to having a business card. Yes, technology has changed the face of business, but it has not replaced business cards. In fact, technology has enhanced business cards making them even more useful and smart. For generations business cards have been the accepted form of introduction. The world is rapidly changing and people now expect more. Your business card can now be turned into a live advert whereby readers can digitally interact with it using a smart device. Open up a new world to your clients and ensure they hold on to your business card.

Why Smart Business Card is Needed ?

In this day and age, where everyone carries around a smart phone and has access to the Internet, you may wonder about the practicality of business cards. This concern is correct in a way, as traditional business cards are mostly thrown away. It has been observed that people don’t register the contact information to their phones. They don’t google your company and products. They don’t hassle to type your name in search fields of social media platforms to send connection requests. What they do is simply throwing your business card to bin or somewhere else that they will never bother to find. Smart Business Cards overcome these facts. People will be happy to keep your card even after they take the advantage of accessing many details via that small piece of paper. By only touching to the buttons on the screen (no typing), they can call you, email you, view your profile, products, and send connection requests, book appointments and so on. In today’s digital world traditional business cards shall convert to smart business cards.

How Smart Business Card Works ?

Smart Business Card is an application, which is compatible with all kinds of smart devices with various operating systems. Any printed business card can be converted to Smart Business Card by integrating requested documentation, video, link, interactive element, processed image on to the card itself. User simply points the business card with the device (phone, tablet etc.) camera and the card comes alive. People can access all of the information you want to show through a small card.

Impressive and Leaves Impression

Smart Business Cards are spectacular and futuristic. An animated version of you can pop out of your business card and quickly make a pitch – or the real you can showcase your products and services in a few seconds. The effect is impressive even for the millionth time you view it.

Includes Multimedia to Your Card

Few people will manually go through the effort of checking your website out, while a lot of people will happily just hover their phone over your card. This means the option to showcase a few seconds long brochure of your products, lists and sales pitch is now included in your card itself.

Contains Immense Information

The physical size of your business card is limited to a certain extent, and even within that limited space the use white space is necessary to maintain design integrity. Thus any valuable information you would like to add to the card is limited to a large extend. However with Smart Business Card, you can add an entire video of a few seconds to your card, which will pop-out in a real life fashion as soon as the user hovers the screen over it.


Smart Business Card gives the user a more personalized method of explaining in further details of your product, company, or yourself – right out of your card.

Promotes Itself

If your business utilizes such business cards they would be viral on their own accord. This is great for your start-up because you don’t have to promote it on your own. By the sheer ‘cool’ factor of the technology alone your card will become famous.

Created Potential Client Database

You can capture the phone number of people who scan your card. This allows you to create a potential client database. You can contact them directly and/or send notifications regarding your products, business, etc.


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